Commercial Collection Services

 Commercial Debt Collection

 International Debt Collection

 NSF Checks

 Second Placements

 Litigation Services

Partial List of Industries Serviced:

 Restaurant Equipment Collection

 Construction Debt Collection

 Advertising Debt Collection

 Leasing Debt Collection

 Architecture Debt Collection

 Wholesale Supply Collection

 Entertainment Debt Collection

Other Services:

 Employee Screening

 Asset Searches

 Forensic Asset Searches

 Skip Trace

 Employee Training

 Credit & Collection Seminars

 Letter Series

We can collect all of these debts and more. Why wait? We are ready to get to work as your trusted business debt collection agency.


We specialize in meeting your business & commercial debt collection needs, call us today!

Disclaimer : Flathmann & Stern, LLC. handles many claims for other collection firms and entities, as well as direct representation. In such claims that Flathmann & Stern, LLC. is agent only for another agency or entity, Flathmann & Stern, LLC has no direct contact with client, only the primary agency or organization under contract does. In these instances all request, funds deposits and other functions are typically directed through the primary only and Flathmann & Stern, LLC has no control. Any issues that may arise under the agent scenario, Flathmann & Stern, LLC may direct inquiries to the original primary entity for further review and or resolution. Flathmann & Stern, LLC does not deposit funds, communicate with clients or handle requests under the secondary agent terms. All this is done through the primary firm of record. In cases where Flathmann & Stern, LLC has direct representation all inquiries go through this office.


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"Flathmann & Stern, LLC services are superior and are truly needed in business. I was always skeptical about using a collection agency to collect on my customers that were behind in paying me until one day enough was enough."

"Today, I have a different philosophy about collections, if my customers don’t pay my invoices within 30 to 45 days, those invoices go right to Flathmann & Stern for collections."

"I highly recommend Flathmann & Stern for Business Debt Collection. They specialize in transportation debt collections and they literally saved our old accounts receivable. They are an excellent organization!"

Debt Collection Specializations:
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Transportation Collection Agency
  • Freight Collection Agency
  • Aviation Debt Collection

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