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Flathmann & Stern, LLC. is a Florida collection agency. We collect debts nationwide and even internationally. We take a scientific approach to the ordinary debt collection process. With each debtor, a profile is created and a plan of action utilizing proven psycho-social techniques is put into place. This instills in the debtor a sense of urgency in resolving the debt, thereby eliminating the psycho-social interaction with which we continuously engage them. Most debtors will not pay as a result of mere threats.

Effective and persistent follow-up is key to our combined success. We are the right choice as your Florida debt collection agency.

Florida collection agency

The Best Florida Collection Agency.

We have our 30 years experience as a Florida Collection Agency. We know how to collect bad debts and get your company back on track. We are a Florida licensed collection agency and can help you collect, no matter how large or small the debt is. Focus on what you do best and leave the debt collecting to us. We are good at what we do and work on a contingency basis.

Disclaimer : Flathmann & Stern, LLC. handles many claims for other collection firms and entities, as well as direct representation. In such claims that Flathmann & Stern, LLC. is agent only for another agency or entity, Flathmann & Stern, LLC has no direct contact with client, only the primary agency or organization under contract does. In these instances all request, funds deposits and other functions are typically directed through the primary only and Flathmann & Stern, LLC has no control. Any issues that may arise under the agent scenario, Flathmann & Stern, LLC may direct inquiries to the original primary entity for further review and or resolution. Flathmann & Stern, LLC does not deposit funds, communicate with clients or handle requests under the secondary agent terms. All this is done through the primary firm of record. In cases where Flathmann & Stern, LLC has direct representation all inquiries go through this office.


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"I highly recommend Flathmann & Stern Business Debt Collection. They specialize in transportation debt collections and they literally saved our old accounts receivable. They are an excellent organization!"

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