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Transportation Debt Collection

We specialize in Aviation and Transportation Debt Collection. Our industry knowledge is second to none. Here is a partial list of areas we service.

  • Aviation Parts & Supplies
  • Air Charter
  • International Aviation Debt
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Trucking & Truck Leasing
  • Barge Leasing and Equipment
  • Aviation Repair & Maintenance
  • Rail Transport
  • Maritime Debt
  • Freight Brokers

Commercial B2B Debt Collection

At Flathmann & Stern, we handle all types of business debt collection issues and have consistently developed new strategies and approaches to get our clients paid. We not only specialize in Transportation Debt, we also handle all facets of commercial debt. With an ever changing marketplace, our diversity allows us to solve more problems for our clients by employing expert collection services throughout the commercial sector.

  • Restaurant Supply and Wholesale
  • Electronics
  • Plumbing Supply
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment

A scientific approach
to the ordinary debt
collection process.

With each debtor, a profile is created and a plan of action utilizing proven collection techniques is put into place. What does this mean to you? Your debts get collected at a higher rate and quicker. The reason being, this instills in the debtor a sense of urgency in resolving the debt, ultimately getting you paid. Effective and persistent follow-up is key to our combined success. We have one of the highest rates of debt collection in the industry.

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