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How To Prevent Debt Collection

So here is the situation, you extended credit to a new customer for a large amount. You were excited to have the business, as any business would be, but you did not perform the due diligence. Everything seemed to line up, they had a website and looked like a good company. Now 30 to 60 days later, they have not payed and you Read More

Florida Collection Agency

When looking to hire a collection agency, why would you want to work with someone who is not familiar with local laws? There are strict guidelines that collection agencies must follow and to hire one that does not follow these guidelines is risky business for your company. Read More

Small Business Debt Collection

Debt collection is important for all businesses, but it is much more important for small businesses. A large business or corporation can better weather the ups and downs of economic cycles, because they have more financing options. Small businesses on the other hand may not have as many options Read More

Where Did Credit and Debt Begin?

Credit and debt are not a new phenomenon. They have been around for thousands of years, the only difference is that the consequences were much harsher in the past. The ideas of credit and debt were first formed when someone would lend cattle to a neighbor and would expect to repaid with more cattle, because there would be more cattle at the end of the term. From this stemmed the idea of interest, Read More
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