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Understanding Florida Collection Laws

florida collection agency

Florida has some of the strictest collection laws of any state and for good reason, to protect consumers. This does not make it impossible to collect a debt in Florida, it just makes the way a debt collection agency can go about collecting a bad debt more regulated.

Florida collection agencies must adhere not only to the national Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), but also to the Florida Collection Practices Act (FCPA).  These rules impose restrictions on collection agencies by way of the times they can call and what practices they must follow.  The fact that Florida has their own debt collection laws, means that agencies can be hit with double the penalties if they are caught breaking these rules.

Good News for Florida Businesses

You may be thinking that this is bad news for Florida businesses that are trying to recover their old debts or send their debt to a 3rd party agency, and at first sight this appears to be true.  However, this actually protects businesses and sets the agencies to a higher standard.  If you find a Florida collection agency that has been in business for over 20 years, you can be assured that you will be working with a collection agency that will not tarnish your business’ name.  These rules are in place to make sure that no harassment or immoral tactics are used when recovering a debt, and wouldn’t you want an agency that is as professional as your business is?

Do not think that all of the debt agencies in Florida actually follow these laws, because they don’t.  However, know that if you have found a collection agency with years of experience successfully recovering Florida debts, then you will have found an agency that is worth working with.  Always do your homework and due diligence when selecting the proper firm to work with, because if you don’t you could be putting your business’ good name on the line.

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